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Ouch on the major delays

2013-05-12 13:04:17 by Red-Lantern

Since last Thanksgiving, I moved from New York to Miami and after all that time, just last week I was able to get my cpu to function properly. Due to working excessively and having no energy, no time and no cpu, I have been left in a major delay. I do apologize for such a long absence and not being on top of updating you guys.

I have several projects I need to conclude such as:

War of the Realms: The Battlefield
It is the war scenes that many wished to see in my WOTR2 episode. The action was short and I left a lot of the action out due to balancing storytelling and action. It will resemble that of WOTR1 where you will see multiple characters fight at the same time but this time more special effects and more cinematic and awesome choreographing with fighting.

War of the Realms: (oh crap can't remember the rest of the title)
Little small story chapters with action scenes, before, after, in betweeners such as that to help make the story more elaborate. Yes there will be a lot of action here too and more of my artwork involved in the animations. I am aiming for almost motion comics mixed with animating.

War of the Realms 3
It is just an announcement that yes there will be a part 3.

Chameleon's Story 2
Has been put aside due to tweaking in continuity.

Other small projects will be made.

Also, there is a special animation I have in production that may or may not surprise you guys. ;-)

Once again pardon the major delay but I know you guys have been left hanging to see if my light will burn bright again. It will just, I need to overcome a lot of obstacles that get in the way. No release date as of now but I will as soon as I am 100% that they will be released.

Current Status

2012-12-09 14:38:37 by Red-Lantern

Hello everyone. The last month of 2012 and a bright new 2013 to come.

I just recently moved and haven't been able to lay a finger on all my projects. But once I do, I will have a guesstimate of when I may or may not release projects. I have quite a few projects I am really excited for and cannot wait to work on to share with you folks. But as of right now, I have no access to my cpu.

I wanna wish you all a happy holiday season and a happy new year.

Red-Lantern will burn brighter

Oliver Torres

My Current Status

2012-03-23 01:12:33 by Red-Lantern

Greetings everyone,

Let me begin with an apology on major delays on my projects I have promised. I have not forgotten about them but the issue is time. Lately I have been very busy in my personal life outside my animating lifestyle and it has been keeping me away from the computer. I am carving some progress in motion but I am afraid it isn't enough to see the light. I will continue to make updates when I get time to let you know where I stand in all projects. I may get blasted with hate mail or support mail but no matter what I receive, it won't change the time issue I am having. I kindly ask for patience.

I have some parts of War of the Realms II EX made but all I promised in the last post, that'll be in the animation has been rearranged due to usage of mb. I managed to get a small portion of what occurred after Akuma Powerful attack's aftermath, to allow both more story and action. There is less txt and more voicework to limit the txt reading. I also managed to capture what happened in the conclusion of WOTR ep:I. (You see Akuma enraged at Captain America for saving Khameleon after the giant energy blast. You then see before the explosion, Nightcrawler teleports seconds before impact to rescue them. You then watch Sub Zero atop a sky whale & gets confronted by Scorpion.) Then you will see more sky whales show up and have several warriors fighting and jumping from whale to whale. I am unsure if I will be able to have a decent epic war scene that'll explain the crater as to where Khameleon & Captain America ended up in. I am also using a lot of my illustrative and digital painting skills on not just this project, but on all from now on.

Due to feeling, it may cause a shortage in my work due to me having the authority to utilize a maximum of 10mb, I am working on the side on yet another animation that focuses more on The Battlefield. It is just a branch to satisfy viewers watching mindless fighting with awesome effects, on the many warriors involved in War of the Realms.

Once again, it brings me much displeasure to say there is no release date on these projects. I highly encourage you guys to please be patient and stay tuned. Though I may not be on as frequent as I may like, know that I still think of you all and I don't forget about my work.

Stay Gold & Thank You

^ Another Project I haven't Forgotten... It is a very short short trailer. I just wanted to show you guys that there is still fire in this lantern =)

War of the Realms II EX info

2011-07-14 11:33:06 by Red-Lantern

Due to numerous feedback that War of the Realms II was too short due to the dialogue and lack of space to add more epic scenes, I have decided to make an extension to War of the Realms II.

Here are the following deleted scenes that will surface in this War of the Realms II EX:

-You will see what happened to Cyber Akuma after he finished his Ultra Hyper Combo on numerous opponents.

-You will see Sub Zero in the time span in between the explosion of the conclusion of War of the Realms leading into War of the Realms II. I will clarify what he meant by being surrounded and their being to many warriors for him to handle.

-You will see how Joe ended up in the crater and why he ran inside the cave. He and Sub Zero were together and that is why he joins Khameleon, Captain America and Sub Zero.

-A sprite motion comic or drawn motion comic to show what Khameleon did as she explains how she try to prevent the unbalance from happening that caused the fusion of realms.

-A Captain America scene where he followed some of the allied warriors with the Five Evil's. Explaining how he managed to capture all the info he did.

-Brief voiceover work to avoid txt bars.

-Brief scenes that show Nightcrawler saving Khameleon and Captain America from the explosion of the conclusion of the first episode, to help the story be more solidified.

I really hope this excites some of the many viewers and fans. If I had more space in the original, I would have gladly added all this but due to the new method of animation style that I have endured, I was unable to add more awesomeness to my animation. This time I will take my time and I will not rush and I promise that this Extension would be sick.

As I always say, please be patient folks for that Time is what it takes to make perfect. Also I will put up a new update about 3 days prior to inform the coming release of War of the Realms II EX

Stay Gold & be safe always,
Thank You


2011-06-28 17:30:50 by Red-Lantern

As promised, I have released War of the Realms II.

I am already working on the third one but I am not sure when that would be coming out yet but I will keep you guys posted.

I hope you guys enjoy it.

I am keeping the update brief but no worries folks, you haven't seen the last of me


2011-02-04 20:49:19 by Red-Lantern

Sorry for the delay in updates, finding time has been difficult like I have been excessively busy. However, I am proud to announce that this year, I will return with my highly anticipated War of the Realms II. I put together a little trailer just to give you all a taste of what is to come. I am very excited and I feel that by this summer, I should release War of the Realms II for sure.

Every other project will be put in a pause due to lack of time. If things go accordingly as to how I would like, then I will be release other movies/projects, but as of now all I can say is War of the Realms II is my main focus for this year.

This is all I have time to share for now but hope this news gets you all excited. I have awakened from my deep sleep and finally back to show you guys what I have for you all

Thanks guys, I will stay in touch.

wanted to share a drawing I did today as well. when I was finishing up the ending of the War of the Realms II Trailer I did.


******-******-******-MAJOR UPDATE!!!-******-******-******

Once again I will place this great unfinished animation I did called DC vs Marvel 7

As you guys know I had an issue that caused me to lose a lot of my work. All lost files that I will have to remake from scratch are the following:

War of the Realms II - Choosing Sides and improving on the story was where I last left off but got to
do it all over again =/

Chameleon's Story ep II - I had the first segment where Chameleon gets jumped by several Street
Fighter's that never really appeared in the Round saga and he forcefully had
to attack them without him wanting too. Also was going to explain how he
and Khameleon are psychically linked.

Kombat Vixens - I had a practice file and I began to redo this one like it would be short and divided
into segments on how everything lead to being what it was. But then my CS4
version of flash crashed and the file got ruined, so got to do it all over again.

Extras - I was working on a Kingdom Hearts animation who starred Donald and Mickey but due to
Flash CS4 crashing I lost that file. I was also working on a Geno project that was going to star
Geno, Mallow and Boshi from Super Mario RPG in a Earthworm style animation as both a
tribute and a fun try in different styles of animation, expand my horizons. But once I tried to
Flash CS3 it was perfectly fine but I thought to soon. The damn program crashed and can't
recover the files. So everything will have to be done from scratch all over again. I got Flash 8
and it's the only thing that is functioning correctly.

So my final decision is this: I work full time as a security guard, and it is interfering with my animation life and social life and I am trying to work with both as equally as I can, but it has be difficult. War of the Realms II, I know everybody is waiting on this one and I do apologize for the major delay, but after losing SO SO MANY sprites of characters and editted sprites, to do everything all over, this Animation will have to be pushed further into a future release. Forgive me if I disappoint you fans but I promise I would do everything I can to work with it. it is a huge project and I have to be fair to those who love their characters and use them in astonishing ways to make this huge project that much more epic. War of the Realms II is my most epic project and if you want one hell of a presentation, you have to have one hell of a great deal of patience. Now, the top three animations, War of the Realms II, Chameleon Story ep II and Kombat Vixens would be placed on hold due to the major amount of sprite editting that is involved with the Mortal Kombat Characters. I would make short battle animations meanwhile, just to show off my batlle scene skills and use it as a training base in making those three animations that much more exciting.

I sincerely apologize for the big hold up, but I am doing the best in my ability to achieve a rewarding presentation for you the viewers and Fans to enjoy for many many years to come. Just patience and shit happens and I have no control over them but I keep moving forward.

Thank you guys and I hope you all understand.


My resurrection is nigh =) 7

As you all know I have lost everything and I have to redo and recapture the millions of sprites and millions of ideas back on track.... Though my animating has laid dormant, I am proud to say that, RED-LANTERN WILL BE RETURNING WITH A BRAND NEW SUBMISSION. But I am not thrilled to announce that there is no release date. I have been really busy working and getting everything together but I will return with yet another outstanding project to wipe the dust clean off of my carcass that has collected enough dust.

I hope you enjoy what was made for DC vs Marvel and I will be back on track again.

Horrible news

2009-10-26 07:33:29 by Red-Lantern

A few days ago I lost everything computer data wise so my cpu was wiped clean. This morning I come on doing my restoring process and my cpu just got a severe virus and I haven't a clue if I would be able to get rid of this fucking Spyware Alert ...shit now. At the moment I am doing everything to fight it so idk what will become of my fucking cpu now.

So now I don't know if I will ever be able to finish any projects anytime soon so all I can say is a huge apology from me to you. I'm having bad luck with technical crap. Hopefully I will be able to get rid of the issue.

I will seriously appreciate if someone who is very good with computers to lend a helpful hand on how I can combat this damn virus. At the moment using Symantec Antivirus and I am scanning my computer fully. In all sincerity, if you have anything helpful please do comment or email me at , Please don't do anything childish because I wouldn't do that or wish anything like what I'm going through with the computer to anyone.

Thank You


So I fixed up the virus issue but I did lose four months work of amazing DC vs Marvel animation permanently. I also updated a lot of my more popular animations and I lost the updates permanently as well. However, I was serious about what I said, I can not promise when I will be releasing any animation due to how I must focus on making my money, finding better jobs is more important at the moment. Though I will be gone for a while, you guys haven't seen the last of me. So, though it's a temporary farewell, just like Arnold said in Terminator, I"LL BE BACK

Hello everybody,

I know I have many who are bathed in anticipation to see my War of the Realms II release and Chameleon Story Episode II, Kombat Vixens, and other Flashes. It's been a rather difficult task to pull off in trying to satisfy you guys but I've been in a constant struglle with my personal life and work life. This interference is slowing my progression down and all I can ask is for you guys to bare with me and be Patient. I might just release the flashes unannounced like I can't pin point an exact date when I can release my work. I promise you guys that you have not seen the last of me.

I can officially announce what animations I will be releasing in the future for sure. They are:

*War of the Realms II
*Chameleon's Story Episode II
*Kombat Vixens
*DC vs Marvel
*Mario: The Fall of Star Road
*Hulk vs Universe
*Some characters story and how they witnessed and became part of War of the Realms; basically seeing things in their prospective.

These by far are definite future releases. Only problem is I can't provide an exact date for their release. I hope you understand my situation and I really apologize if I have disappointed you folks. There really isn't anything I can say but life has caught up to me and I am working with everything that has come my way. I'm beat, but I am fighting real hard to get these projects going. I am placing so much energy/effort into these titles that I want it to be epic, and something to remember for many years to come.

;;;:::Though the fire within the Red-Lantern has seized, it's spark will make a triumphant return and bring down all evil that has caused the eternal rest.:::;;;

Thank you,
Red-Lantern/Oliver Torres