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2009-08-13 20:15:50 by Red-Lantern

Hello everybody,

I know I have many who are bathed in anticipation to see my War of the Realms II release and Chameleon Story Episode II, Kombat Vixens, and other Flashes. It's been a rather difficult task to pull off in trying to satisfy you guys but I've been in a constant struglle with my personal life and work life. This interference is slowing my progression down and all I can ask is for you guys to bare with me and be Patient. I might just release the flashes unannounced like I can't pin point an exact date when I can release my work. I promise you guys that you have not seen the last of me.

I can officially announce what animations I will be releasing in the future for sure. They are:

*War of the Realms II
*Chameleon's Story Episode II
*Kombat Vixens
*DC vs Marvel
*Mario: The Fall of Star Road
*Hulk vs Universe
*Some characters story and how they witnessed and became part of War of the Realms; basically seeing things in their prospective.

These by far are definite future releases. Only problem is I can't provide an exact date for their release. I hope you understand my situation and I really apologize if I have disappointed you folks. There really isn't anything I can say but life has caught up to me and I am working with everything that has come my way. I'm beat, but I am fighting real hard to get these projects going. I am placing so much energy/effort into these titles that I want it to be epic, and something to remember for many years to come.

;;;:::Though the fire within the Red-Lantern has seized, it's spark will make a triumphant return and bring down all evil that has caused the eternal rest.:::;;;

Thank you,
Red-Lantern/Oliver Torres


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2009-08-15 14:13:01

that's ok just hit everybody up once you put it up so good luck I hope it's long and successful.


2009-08-20 20:05:34

sweet im pretty sure it will turn out awesome and vicious good luck


2009-08-21 13:59:16

Whoa, where did all of these other projects come from? Oh well.

-War of the Realms 2: Im looking forward to this, because there is amny things going on at once, and LOTS of characters in it. I would like to see a POV from Venom somebody like that. Someone who doesnt usually get a spotlight.

-Chameleons Story episode II: I'm really not actually looking forward to this, the last one struck me as quite boring... In this one I hope to see more action, and more 1 on 1 fights like Gill VS Shang Tsung

-Kombat Vixens: What is Kombat Vixens about, who are the main characters?? I don't know what this is about, but I am looking forward to finding out.


-Mario: The Fall of Star Road: UGH. Don't do it, Mario isnt your style, dude. Mario is an overused plumber, who would get his ass kicked straight to China if he met someone from, say, Mortal Kombat

-Hulk VS Universe: I suppose you are doing this one just for fun, right? It should be an OK movie...

I cant wait for your next release! By the way, whatever happened to MK VS DCU 2? I thought you'd be making that...

Red-Lantern responds:

I lack sprites for me to deliver a great sequel. If you'd like, you can help me find some sprites M.U.G.E.N-wise, I'd really appreciated.

Only if I get a decent amount of well made sprites I will take MK vs DCU 2 into consideration.


2009-08-23 20:59:03

Sorry, I dont play much MUGEN.....

Nor would I know how to give you the character sprites...

Red-Lantern responds:

it's cool.

But that's my problem, I don't have characters for a sequel to MK vs DCU on the DCU side.


2009-08-24 15:38:50

Just keep asking around, somebody should have a few...

Oh well, too bad


2009-09-07 15:25:25



2009-09-09 16:55:39

you have always been one of my favorite sprite animaters.
you can really stretch their movement capability.
i thought you were done for a while there,
but it's great to see that you are still animating.
best of luck.

Red-Lantern responds:

thanks a million. It's just been tough to get these projects done. Got some excessive busyness in my personal life and it's giving me animators block but I will release whatever I can before the end of the year.


2009-09-30 01:20:49

you should put in deadpool for the DC vs Marvel part :] deadpool vs deathstroke...but make deadpool win :D I have MUGEN sprites for deadpool too but
I'm pretty sure you do too haha

Red-Lantern responds:

actually I don't have either one of those two guys. Just one sprite but not enough for me to use.


2009-10-12 21:34:09

Meh forget Deathstroke, Deadpool would be amazing enough to see!!

Don't turn those Deadpool MUGEN sprites down, Red-Lantern.... THATS A HUGE OPPURTUNITY