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I love to animate, I love to illustrate: Character Design, Do Comic Books, I like videoegames. I have pretty decent voice acting capabilities. I am very dedicated and passionate for art. I put a lot of effort in my animations and my art.

Oliver Torres @Red-Lantern

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Woodside Queens, NY

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Since last Thanksgiving, I moved from New York to Miami and after all that time, just last week I was able to get my cpu to function properly. Due to working excessively and having no energy, no time and no cpu, I have been left in a major delay. I do apologize for such a long absence and not being on top of updating you guys.

I have several projects I need to conclude such as:

War of the Realms: The Battlefield
It is the war scenes that many wished to see in my WOTR2 episode. The action was short and I left a lot of the action out due to balancing storytelling and action. It will resemble that of WOTR1 where you will see multiple characters fight at the same time but this time more special effects and more cinematic and awesome choreographing with fighting.

War of the Realms: (oh crap can't remember the rest of the title)
Little small story chapters with action scenes, before, after, in betweeners such as that to help make the story more elaborate. Yes there will be a lot of action here too and more of my artwork involved in the animations. I am aiming for almost motion comics mixed with animating.

War of the Realms 3
It is just an announcement that yes there will be a part 3.

Chameleon's Story 2
Has been put aside due to tweaking in continuity.

Other small projects will be made.

Also, there is a special animation I have in production that may or may not surprise you guys. ;-)

Once again pardon the major delay but I know you guys have been left hanging to see if my light will burn bright again. It will just, I need to overcome a lot of obstacles that get in the way. No release date as of now but I will as soon as I am 100% that they will be released.

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