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2011-02-04 20:49:19 by Red-Lantern

Sorry for the delay in updates, finding time has been difficult like I have been excessively busy. However, I am proud to announce that this year, I will return with my highly anticipated War of the Realms II. I put together a little trailer just to give you all a taste of what is to come. I am very excited and I feel that by this summer, I should release War of the Realms II for sure.

Every other project will be put in a pause due to lack of time. If things go accordingly as to how I would like, then I will be release other movies/projects, but as of now all I can say is War of the Realms II is my main focus for this year.

This is all I have time to share for now but hope this news gets you all excited. I have awakened from my deep sleep and finally back to show you guys what I have for you all

Thanks guys, I will stay in touch.

wanted to share a drawing I did today as well. when I was finishing up the ending of the War of the Realms II Trailer I did.



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2011-02-05 17:07:49

Thank you Jesus( on knees shaking fists in the air)


2011-02-08 13:48:34

this is awesome news man;
there may be life in the sprite community after all.


2011-02-13 16:28:06

Cool , ce sont de bonnes nouvelles. I was hoping that you will get back with something cool and you did it, great work man. You are one my favorite animators in newgrounds.


2011-02-24 06:06:51

cool drawing...but i realy cant wait for is the Chameleon Story pt. 2 you said u wud make awile ago...but anyway cool drawing

Red-Lantern responds:

I will make all the animations I said I would make. Just want to get this one out and then Chameleon's Story 2 will come out. I have been struggling with my personal schedule and my hobby schedule, but don't frown it will be released. I will keep you all posted.


2011-03-25 00:59:44

are you using anything new with this flash that u havent used on any in the past


2011-06-01 17:56:46

so whats up with a new update?


2011-06-13 18:53:09

As long as your backing up your files this time