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Horrible news

2009-10-26 07:33:29 by Red-Lantern

A few days ago I lost everything computer data wise so my cpu was wiped clean. This morning I come on doing my restoring process and my cpu just got a severe virus and I haven't a clue if I would be able to get rid of this fucking Spyware Alert ...shit now. At the moment I am doing everything to fight it so idk what will become of my fucking cpu now.

So now I don't know if I will ever be able to finish any projects anytime soon so all I can say is a huge apology from me to you. I'm having bad luck with technical crap. Hopefully I will be able to get rid of the issue.

I will seriously appreciate if someone who is very good with computers to lend a helpful hand on how I can combat this damn virus. At the moment using Symantec Antivirus and I am scanning my computer fully. In all sincerity, if you have anything helpful please do comment or email me at , Please don't do anything childish because I wouldn't do that or wish anything like what I'm going through with the computer to anyone.

Thank You


So I fixed up the virus issue but I did lose four months work of amazing DC vs Marvel animation permanently. I also updated a lot of my more popular animations and I lost the updates permanently as well. However, I was serious about what I said, I can not promise when I will be releasing any animation due to how I must focus on making my money, finding better jobs is more important at the moment. Though I will be gone for a while, you guys haven't seen the last of me. So, though it's a temporary farewell, just like Arnold said in Terminator, I"LL BE BACK


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2009-10-26 20:00:57


Well............. goodbye old friend :'(


2009-11-02 16:17:00

that sucks.
did you lose all your sprite sheets also?

Red-Lantern responds:

yup so I have to get back over 200 characters... sighs... I'll make a return whenever time permits it.


2009-11-02 23:31:44

i sent you what i could.
at least it would save you like 20 hours of work
that you really shouldn't have to do again.


2009-12-06 01:43:52


Everyone on Newground is funny man.
everytime they always say theres something wrong with their pc.

anyway I lost motivation in flash.

It deeply pains me that I wouldn't have time or chance to make my own flash. Seriously pains me:(

I'll just be focused on work now, i don't have time for youtube or newgrounds.

but i'll try and visit this site and see if someone releases something sick


2009-12-15 21:37:20

Dude. You're pretty good. Do you like alex ross's artwork?

Red-Lantern responds:

Yes I do. He is one of my favorite painters/artist.


2010-02-16 20:44:56

New post update, finally!!


2010-04-05 12:13:35

I know how you feel. The same thing happened to me a few months back. Even when I did restore my hard drive, my very first animations and current projects could not be restored. I had to start all over. I did have all of my downloaded characters but I had to download the programs again. I feel your pain.


2010-04-27 16:06:55

hi how r u friend?