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2012-03-23 01:12:33 by Red-Lantern

Greetings everyone,

Let me begin with an apology on major delays on my projects I have promised. I have not forgotten about them but the issue is time. Lately I have been very busy in my personal life outside my animating lifestyle and it has been keeping me away from the computer. I am carving some progress in motion but I am afraid it isn't enough to see the light. I will continue to make updates when I get time to let you know where I stand in all projects. I may get blasted with hate mail or support mail but no matter what I receive, it won't change the time issue I am having. I kindly ask for patience.

I have some parts of War of the Realms II EX made but all I promised in the last post, that'll be in the animation has been rearranged due to usage of mb. I managed to get a small portion of what occurred after Akuma Powerful attack's aftermath, to allow both more story and action. There is less txt and more voicework to limit the txt reading. I also managed to capture what happened in the conclusion of WOTR ep:I. (You see Akuma enraged at Captain America for saving Khameleon after the giant energy blast. You then see before the explosion, Nightcrawler teleports seconds before impact to rescue them. You then watch Sub Zero atop a sky whale & gets confronted by Scorpion.) Then you will see more sky whales show up and have several warriors fighting and jumping from whale to whale. I am unsure if I will be able to have a decent epic war scene that'll explain the crater as to where Khameleon & Captain America ended up in. I am also using a lot of my illustrative and digital painting skills on not just this project, but on all from now on.

Due to feeling, it may cause a shortage in my work due to me having the authority to utilize a maximum of 10mb, I am working on the side on yet another animation that focuses more on The Battlefield. It is just a branch to satisfy viewers watching mindless fighting with awesome effects, on the many warriors involved in War of the Realms.

Once again, it brings me much displeasure to say there is no release date on these projects. I highly encourage you guys to please be patient and stay tuned. Though I may not be on as frequent as I may like, know that I still think of you all and I don't forget about my work.

Stay Gold & Thank You

^ Another Project I haven't Forgotten... It is a very short short trailer. I just wanted to show you guys that there is still fire in this lantern =)


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2012-03-23 01:39:50

hey man you take as much time as you need.


2012-03-23 01:40:28

hey man you take as much time as you need.


2012-03-24 00:59:03

i have seriously been a fan of yours since like 2007.
another delay isn't enough to make me rage.
set smaller goals for your videos. i mean real small goals. like, 10 frames a day goals.
a little momentum can do wonders for that light you can't seem to see, man.


2012-03-29 13:36:12

I'll be waiting to see some all out mayhem


2012-07-21 22:04:16