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Ugh having issues maintaining different Flash Files but finally found one

2010-07-04 12:59:15 by Red-Lantern

******-******-******-MAJOR UPDATE!!!-******-******-******

Once again I will place this great unfinished animation I did called DC vs Marvel 7

As you guys know I had an issue that caused me to lose a lot of my work. All lost files that I will have to remake from scratch are the following:

War of the Realms II - Choosing Sides and improving on the story was where I last left off but got to
do it all over again =/

Chameleon's Story ep II - I had the first segment where Chameleon gets jumped by several Street
Fighter's that never really appeared in the Round saga and he forcefully had
to attack them without him wanting too. Also was going to explain how he
and Khameleon are psychically linked.

Kombat Vixens - I had a practice file and I began to redo this one like it would be short and divided
into segments on how everything lead to being what it was. But then my CS4
version of flash crashed and the file got ruined, so got to do it all over again.

Extras - I was working on a Kingdom Hearts animation who starred Donald and Mickey but due to
Flash CS4 crashing I lost that file. I was also working on a Geno project that was going to star
Geno, Mallow and Boshi from Super Mario RPG in a Earthworm style animation as both a
tribute and a fun try in different styles of animation, expand my horizons. But once I tried to
Flash CS3 it was perfectly fine but I thought to soon. The damn program crashed and can't
recover the files. So everything will have to be done from scratch all over again. I got Flash 8
and it's the only thing that is functioning correctly.

So my final decision is this: I work full time as a security guard, and it is interfering with my animation life and social life and I am trying to work with both as equally as I can, but it has be difficult. War of the Realms II, I know everybody is waiting on this one and I do apologize for the major delay, but after losing SO SO MANY sprites of characters and editted sprites, to do everything all over, this Animation will have to be pushed further into a future release. Forgive me if I disappoint you fans but I promise I would do everything I can to work with it. it is a huge project and I have to be fair to those who love their characters and use them in astonishing ways to make this huge project that much more epic. War of the Realms II is my most epic project and if you want one hell of a presentation, you have to have one hell of a great deal of patience. Now, the top three animations, War of the Realms II, Chameleon Story ep II and Kombat Vixens would be placed on hold due to the major amount of sprite editting that is involved with the Mortal Kombat Characters. I would make short battle animations meanwhile, just to show off my batlle scene skills and use it as a training base in making those three animations that much more exciting.

I sincerely apologize for the big hold up, but I am doing the best in my ability to achieve a rewarding presentation for you the viewers and Fans to enjoy for many many years to come. Just patience and shit happens and I have no control over them but I keep moving forward.

Thank you guys and I hope you all understand.


My resurrection is nigh =)


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2010-07-07 23:24:07

Its all good your fans will wait for you just keep us updated during the process.


2010-07-12 00:36:35

make sure you have a back up flashdrive or something this time


2010-07-31 11:03:52

I posted this before but here are some ideas to back-up your files:

1. Partition your hard drive into two, one for programs and such and one for the important flash, sound and sprite files. This way, if you need to reformat, you'll only format one drive

2. Get a friend to hold them (hope he doesn't get a virus too)

3. Find someone online you can trust and e-mail it to him. You should make sure he ain't the kind of guy that'll upload it and claim it as his own.

A flash drive is helpful, however, a virus can simply latch itself onto it and you still have a virus with you. This happened to me.

Also, don't voice-act the female characters. It's just too weird.


2010-08-12 12:06:26

thespammer is a fuckin lame & fail at life......but any way don't worry about it Red a problem comes up like this or simular to it to every sprite animator at least once so it's coo bro just take ur time.....although it would probably help if u worked on one project/series at a time then move on to the next one.


2010-08-20 15:57:52

In your next animaton, please don't use voice actors....

I'm sorry to say but they are kind of wrecking Marvel VS DC. Not trying to rip you down or anything, I'm a huge fan of yours.


2011-01-12 02:39:31

update for 2011