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War of the Realms II EX info

2011-07-14 11:33:06 by Red-Lantern

Due to numerous feedback that War of the Realms II was too short due to the dialogue and lack of space to add more epic scenes, I have decided to make an extension to War of the Realms II.

Here are the following deleted scenes that will surface in this War of the Realms II EX:

-You will see what happened to Cyber Akuma after he finished his Ultra Hyper Combo on numerous opponents.

-You will see Sub Zero in the time span in between the explosion of the conclusion of War of the Realms leading into War of the Realms II. I will clarify what he meant by being surrounded and their being to many warriors for him to handle.

-You will see how Joe ended up in the crater and why he ran inside the cave. He and Sub Zero were together and that is why he joins Khameleon, Captain America and Sub Zero.

-A sprite motion comic or drawn motion comic to show what Khameleon did as she explains how she try to prevent the unbalance from happening that caused the fusion of realms.

-A Captain America scene where he followed some of the allied warriors with the Five Evil's. Explaining how he managed to capture all the info he did.

-Brief voiceover work to avoid txt bars.

-Brief scenes that show Nightcrawler saving Khameleon and Captain America from the explosion of the conclusion of the first episode, to help the story be more solidified.

I really hope this excites some of the many viewers and fans. If I had more space in the original, I would have gladly added all this but due to the new method of animation style that I have endured, I was unable to add more awesomeness to my animation. This time I will take my time and I will not rush and I promise that this Extension would be sick.

As I always say, please be patient folks for that Time is what it takes to make perfect. Also I will put up a new update about 3 days prior to inform the coming release of War of the Realms II EX

Stay Gold & be safe always,
Thank You


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2011-07-16 02:48:39

Cant wait


2011-07-24 23:55:20

aww yea thats what I'm talkin about.

btw I noticed that your vids tend to look on the jpeg'd side wich messes up the visual quality of a sprite. to fix this you need to go to your publish settings in flash and go to where it says jpeg and change the number to 100. you also need to go to the sprite in the library, right click and go to its preferences then change jpeg to lossless.

considering how many characters you use this will be very time consuming but st least the quality will be better.

Red-Lantern responds:

thanks a million for that Diochi.


2011-08-11 02:23:43

Stay gold Ponyboy...


2012-03-07 00:14:55