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The only surviving swf file I have; The unfinished DC vs Marvel

2010-04-29 01:39:31 by Red-Lantern 7

As you all know I have lost everything and I have to redo and recapture the millions of sprites and millions of ideas back on track.... Though my animating has laid dormant, I am proud to say that, RED-LANTERN WILL BE RETURNING WITH A BRAND NEW SUBMISSION. But I am not thrilled to announce that there is no release date. I have been really busy working and getting everything together but I will return with yet another outstanding project to wipe the dust clean off of my carcass that has collected enough dust.

I hope you enjoy what was made for DC vs Marvel and I will be back on track again.


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2010-04-29 11:32:23

ah that sucks, well sometimes its a blessing in disguise. Some of the shit i've done that i've lost comes out twice as good the following time. Be it redoing it or starting something totally different. It pumps you with more determination and shit. HANG IN THER


2010-04-30 21:46:48

def cannot wait i hope you are going to finish the war of the realms series zombie liu kang is awesome

Red-Lantern responds:

Don't you worry Ryukang. I will finish it but it will take a very very long time to regain all that I lost. Zombie Liu Kang will be around throughout the series and like it's a huge project with many characters, I will have to get more ideas from the games themselves to make perfect matchups, even if you see them cameo for a few seconds.


2010-04-30 23:14:02

i just checked it out and it looks amazing im pretty sure when you get done with it you will make your way back on the charts

Red-Lantern responds:

Yeah Dc vs Marvel was going to be a huge project and it was also a stepping stone to my path in making War of the Realms that much more amazing. I even did the voice acting; all the characters I did; and I am trying to put everything I can to make one hell of a triumphant return. All I ask of my fans, viewers and newcomers is to be patient. Working security and working you social life and personal private life altogether seriously interferes with my passion to animating something amazing.


2010-05-06 16:52:33

you have a more "cinematic" style in this one.
i believe that there needs to be more power behind the voice acting.
(sometimes there would be whisper screaming)
but wolverine sounded a little like Steve Blum.
i don't know if you were going for his verson or Scott McNeil's
but personally, i thought that he was one of your most convincing characters,
even if he didn't talk for that long.
good luck.


2010-05-28 06:17:56

That file is pretty sick dude, keep up the good work.


2010-06-22 00:40:18

can you give us an updating post


2010-07-02 04:57:38

It's okay. But please don't voice act the women. It just sounds.... wrong.

Several ways to back-up your files:
1. Partition your hard drive into two, one for programs and such and one for the important flash, sound and sprite files. This way, if you need to reformat, you'll only format one drive

2. Get a friend to hold them (hope he doesn't get a virus too)

3. Find someone online you can trust and e-mail it to him. You should make sure he ain't the kind of guy that'll upload it and claim it as his own.


2010-07-02 23:12:32

dude that hella sucks but i guess it is what it is......u could do what ChimeraMK said or also buy some USB Data sticks with a alot of memory to store all ur stuff.......some for sprites / sounds the others for programs, important info, and movies......... so far that's what i've done cuz my 6 gig. stickhas the sprites & sounds wit a few movies and info while my 477 mega bite one has my adobe photoshop and illustrator on it........... do what ever u think is cheapest bro.