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Finally have some updated news

2009-03-25 16:28:21 by Red-Lantern

Greetings all loyal fans, fans and/or whomever reads

It's been a while and I want to thank all for enjoying my last submission. I worked hard on that and tried to make it quick.

Now, I finally have some news on War of the Realms II, the highly anticipated movie. I would like to begin by saying it is a huge project and I have been real busy and haven't been able to work on it as much as I should. As you all know, I have been doing some overtime in making this as original as possible by bringing in more Mortal Kombat characters from the 3D world into the 2D world and it's one hell of a challenge to do so. Also, I am working on the story real hard to make it work well and explain why and how everybody besides MK and SF personnel are involved in this war. I also am doing all I can to try to use voice over work on this project and I haven't been able to find some time out my busy schedule to even work on that. I am also testing my skills with mini animations just to see how I can use special effects more professionally and make it look smooth. I can't promise you when it will be coming out but I will do what I can to make it be released sometime in late summer. I ask all my fans and other viewers to please maintain patient and know that I am willing to make this a masterpiece. It will come and I haven't forgotten about it but time is of the essence.

Every other project that isn't as huge as War of the Realms II will be done after I get War of the Realms II up. Chameleon's Story II will be released after along with Kombat Vixens. I also want to let you guys know that I am taking it into consideration in making a possible sequel to MK vs DCU but that has a very low percentage of being officially possible.

All I can say is that War of the Realms II will be amazingly wicked sick but Patience is a Virtue. A huge project that has high hopes should be given enough time for it to be as great as it can be. So I am almost certain that I will release it by Late Summer of this year. I don't want to make promises and not keep them.

I really want to thank you all for being patient for this sequel. Once again, I am willing to provide the best story/animation I can.

MK vs DCU now up

2008-11-15 23:23:02 by Red-Lantern


Ok so enough about trying to be The Rock on my first animation back in almost a year, but let me just get down to the point of this movie.

1. Once I heard about MK vs DC coming out, I freaked out in a good way because I am a fan, a huge fan of both universes. So due to my excitement I decided to make an animation about it.

2. I focused most on the first four characters that were announced Sub Zero, Batman, Scorpion and Superman. I have the entire roster in their with their closely resembled looks to the game so I hope you guys like my sprite editting work on the sprites.

3. There will be no sequel to this movie as it was just fan based, basically based on a nerd for both worlds along with the lack of sprites I have on the DC side. So if I disappoint with that, sorry folks but that's that.

4. I really worked hard on it and you will notice a glimpse on where I am heading toward when it comes to the popular titles such as War of the Realms 2, Chameleon's Story ep II, Kombat Vixens and other miscellaneous projects.

5. I rushed through the end because I lacked the sprites and lacked the time for creativity and I have been dying to put something up like I have been absent from my passion in creating animations for quite a long time. Hope you guys really enjoy it, I sure did. A lot of time and effort was put into this so I hope it's enough to satisfy the lust for Red-Lantern style animations.

All I can say is enjoy the movie and I will see if I can find some time out of my busy schedule to feed you guys with my awesome War of the Realms II and Chameleon's Story II.

MK vs DCU now up

More bad news now...

2008-10-09 20:12:13 by Red-Lantern

I haven't touched an animation in a while due to how busy I have been lately with my job. I am having some serious doubts now. Unfortunately I don't see anything possibly being released later this year but I don't want to let any of my fans down. I know a lot are dying to see the second inclusion of War of the Realms. I've been so busy I haven't even added anything since last winter.

Kombat Vixens as well has been on a halt and I have added a lot of things to it. Along with Chameleon's Story II. I am almost done with MK vs DC, but I have stopped everything because of how little time I have to spare to even animate. I grow tired from work and I leave my poor work hanging due to my job.

Now to get to the real bad news. Today my sister unintentionally erased a lot of what I had stored and that has truly gotten me extremely upset. But I didn't get mad at her because, what is my emotion going to do but make me feel worse. I can't bring it back it's gone. I've lost the special sprites I was using for Shang Tsung on MK vs DC along with Sonya and now, I have to recreate it all and I don't know if I even got everything I had before due to this unintentional accident caused by my sister.

Now I seriously have no clue when I will be releasing anything. I truly apologize guys for the delays that seem endless and making you all draw your attention toward my work farther then I would want, but things happen and we just got to learn how to deal with things. I will try my best to release something, anything. It may not be the highly anticipated titles, but whatever I can give to keep you guys posted that I do have something to share with the world.

I just want to apologize to everybody, I really am. I know that being a fan causes a lot of impatience but all I can say to you all is, Patience is a virtue.

The Nightmare of anyone who uses their CPU a lot...

2008-09-10 10:58:59 by Red-Lantern

Greetings to all. I will like to begin by saying that due to personal reasons, I have been unable to work as much on my projects as I have been in the past year. However, I haven't been lazy neither slacking off on all my titles such as

MK vs DC
War of the Realms II
Chameleon's Story ep II
Kombat Vixens
Random Mini-Projects

Now the reason for my blogs title is, unfortunately and tragically my CPU has gotten a virus. I am writing through my PS3's wireless internet. Like I have limited access to lots of things on my PS3, I will keep this blog entry brief. I am strongly saddened by these turn of event that all I can do is hope for the best and see what will happen.

I fear for the loss of information on everything I have done up until this point. I am or should I say was, near the finishing touches in my MK vs DC animation and now who knows what the fate of my data and hard work lies. I am really upset and I trying hard to keep my composure because this virus can be brutally fatal to everything...

:::::: EDIT ::::::
Looks like the virus wasn't too critical after all. I'm back on the CPU but the only thing that is keeping me on delay is my personal life with work. As I always say, I ask for you patience and you all should know these projects take months and a lot of time. I will surprise people and not give a warning in releasing anything new. All I can say is, I will release something whenever but I am hoping it's soon. I barely get time to finish up a lot of stuff. So bare with me and thank you "wynand" and "Adair Tishler" for being nice enough to care and give me advice that sparked a lot of hope. I really appreciate it.

Greetings to all-it's update time

2008-07-09 11:18:31 by Red-Lantern

Hey guys,

I proudly would like to announce that I will be releasing a separate animation from my other projects soon and it all has to do with my excitement for the new game that will be coming out.

I do promise that I will get War of the Realms II together once again, so I can post that highly anticipated sequel up soon. I came down to a decision that it might be released late this year but as I mentioned many times before, I am working on sprite editing and it's taking a lot of time. I am doing all this to provide the best performance I can to make it a legendary animation for the future to come.

Chameleon's Story II as well will be released late this year, like I am focusing on combining special effects along with a more in debt story portion to make the experience that much more pleasing.

Kombat Vixens will be also be released late this year as well. I will Release the final roster for this animation. Unless you want to be surprised? It all depends if you guys want it or not. But I will announce the obvious characters that will be making it to this animation.

Thus far I released what I like to call Sprite Renders of Frost and Li Mei. The obvious ones that you guys should know that will be making their appearance in this mini-series are, Sonya, Kitana, Mileena, Jade, Sindel, Sheeva and Khameleon. I gave pretty much, almost the entire roster but there is one more that will be in but I will save that for a sprite render update.

Now that I mentioned what I will definitely will be doing, It is my honor to present to you my seperate title I've been working on fora while.


Greetings to all-it's update time

=/ Things have gotten pretty tough for me now

2008-05-11 21:47:20 by Red-Lantern

I'm so upset, I have no idea now when I will be releasing something new but you guys haven't seen the last of me.

I have made promises and have broken them unintentionally and all I can say is that, when I think the time is right I will release something new. I know that many are anticipating War of the Realms II and others are wondering what Kombat Vixens might be like. Not to forget, Chameleon's Story II was a pretty decent hit. The Smash Bros Cartoon, I have no idea honestly, when I will be realeasing that like I am hand drawing it and it takes longer.

I want to provide you guys with a lil summary on what to expect from the three popular titles I am willing to realese.

- Chameleon Story II will show, what Chameleon went through to try to help prevent the Apocalypse but never succeeded and you will see events that took place during the SF vs MK saga I had but in his view. I am going to expand it and make it match up as to how the Chameleon's are linked.

- Kombat Vixens, I hand picked the best girls from MK to compete in an all out cat-fight that includes new features (in terms of special effects and special moves that will definitely spark some serious interest.)

-War of the Realms II, the highly anticipated sequel from all my animations, this one is going to take long because I am doing a large amount of sprite editting and I am willing to add outstanding performances by many characters. I know there are to many characters to deal with in this project and I am trying to break it down from the first one. I had as many characters as I can possibly put together to get the point across that it is a war with a hell load of characters from as many videogames (under the fighting genre) as I can think of. I am trying to focus on some key characters for the continuation of this sequel. I am willing to provide the best presentation I can ever put together to make my War of the Realms saga one to be spoken of for many years to come. I am working really hard on this one and I want to let all know that please be patient.

My job and my personal situations is what is interfering with my animation projects. As of now I can't give you an exact date because I will just disappoint and delay. I will definitely let you know when I will be releasing something new. I will update monthly and let you know what my conditions are and I will see if I can do the best I can in releasing all these titles by the end of the year or even later during the summer. I'll keep you guys posted. I will reveal another Vixen for you guys. This one will be rather shocking I personally believe.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Li Mei ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

=/   Things have gotten pretty tough for me now

Due to my new job i just currently acquired, Chameleon's Story II will be delayed to a future release. I apologize if any of you were looking forward to the end of the month as I promised. Just be patient and I will find a way to work on my schedule with my personal time and work time.

Also, Kombat Vixens and War of the Realms might be released in the summer, I can almost guarantee you that I will definitely have them up. It is taking ridiculously long because of the large amount of sprite editing I am working on to make a much more astonishing presentation in my projects. I am working really hard on them and I am really trying to go over my own limit to give you fans something to remember, years to come.

I have an old, but pretty lame poster on War of the Realms ep 2, but I will post it just to get you guys even more hyped, if it even gets you hyped at all. Well I hope you guys enjoy it. I apologize for just laying down lil pics or posters or a Kombat Vixen's Model release but this is all I can do for now.

Patience is a virtue.

Just know that Summer should be a definite for the titles of Kombat Vixens and War of the Realms continuation. Chameleon's Story will probably be released maybe May. Sorry once again if I disappointed you guys but I do have a life outside my favorite hobby.

vvvvv It was a rough Draft but Hope you guys like it. vvvvv

Updating you guys on my current conditions

Chameleon's Story II will be released sometime later this month

2008-03-04 01:54:03 by Red-Lantern

It's acutally coming out really good and I had no intentions of making one but seeming as many actually liked Chameleon's Story I, If it weren't for you guys Chameleon's Story II would have never been made.

Everything else:
:::Kombat Vixens:::
:::War of the Realms ep 2:::
:::Super Smash Bros Brawl:::
Like the first two have a great amount of sprite editing, they will probably be released during the summer or the end of the spring, I am still indecisive on them. Super Smash Bros Brawl, I am hand drawing everything and like I don't know everything about what new features Brawl have in store with counter attacks and other things, until I own the game and know what I can get inspired and make a mind blowing cartoon. This one is going to take the longest but all I have prepared is an intro.

I will continue to please you guys with the Chameleon's Story II and if I don't get to conclude Chameleon's Story in this one coming up, I may just have to do a third one.

That would be all for now, I have you folks updated but today I will reveal a vixen, tell me what you guys think of my


EDIT: 3-16-08

Due to my new job i just currently acquired, Chameleon's Story II will be delayed to a future release. I apologize if any of you were looking forward to the end of the month as I promised. Just be patient and I will find a way to work on my schedule with my personal time and work time.

Chameleon's Story II will be released sometime later this month

Just wanted to let everyone know

2008-01-29 14:35:50 by Red-Lantern

Things has gotten really tough in my personal life that I haven't gotten the chance to work on any of the Animations. So, as of now I have no idea if I will be able to post anything, anytime soon. I want you all to be patient and understand that there are far more important things then just animating. I love to animate, but sometimes you got to push things aside in order to progress in life.

As of now, All I can say is that I will be able to post Chameleon's Story I first like it's almost complete but I don't know when it will be officially released. I will provide you with info on that one, it's more story based then action based but there are two battles that take place in it, so it isn't a total waste. It is my least favorite but I did it to explain the story on how Shang Tsung made Street Fighter characters fight Mortal Kombat characters in my Round saga.

I want to take the time to apologize to all who are anticipating the debut of Kombat Vixens and my Super Smash Brothers Brawl cartoon. Also the one all are waiting for, War of the Realms pt 2, will be further delayed due to lack of sprites.

I wouldn't want to disappoint you guys but I will at least post pics of the character sketches I made for my Super Smash Brothers Brawl cartoon to keep you guys smiling.

EDIT: Unfortunately, I was unable to post the first eight characters. If you know how too, please lemme know so I can put it together.

Just wanted to let everyone know

Today is ma Birthday and I wanted to post something

2007-12-07 00:12:57 by Red-Lantern

(EDIT: I realized it said DEC 7, but ma birthday was DEC 6th, no biggy, just wanted to clarify that)
As I mentioned before there will be delays on all my animations and there is no deadline thus far. I have been real occupied with other things and I wanted to let you know at least once a month, that I am still working on getting all done. Random but, wow, I am no longer a teen. Just wanted to throw that in there and I am willing to make the most promising work on my few animations I have been keeping on hold and also on and off with.

I mentioned that I am working on the following:

*:: War of the Realms ep2::*

:: Super Smash Bros Brawl- cartoon mini-series ::

:: Chameleon's Untold Story - Based on how Shang Tsung made my MK vs SF come to be in Chameleon's eyes. He was the only one who witnessed all from the start. It will explain how Gill was nothing but a puppet of Shang Tsung's in the the Round saga and will show how Gill died. ::

:: Kombat Vixens - a brand new mini series based on the lovely; not all; ladies from MK. All I can expose is a special mini-poster and maybe I will stick to a routine where I might expose some ladies from their shadows. ::

Today is ma Birthday and I wanted to post something